CAD USB II-R Cable & USB Filter is Reviewed by Jason Kennedy, editor of The Ear

the CAD USB II-R cable alongside the CAD USB filter, both new for December 2022

"I made a number of comparisons with reference cables and came to the conclusion that CAD USB II-R is one of the most natural and effortless digital connections available to the streaming enthusiast" Jason Kennedy - Editor, The Ear Click to access the full review!

CAD USB Control reviewed by Roy Gregory

Our new USB Control has just been reviewed (May 2023) by Roy Gregory on Gy8! "This thing is kryptonite for the spurious noise generated by USB circuitry" Click to access the full review!

HiFi+ Reviews the CAD USB II-R Cable


Great review from HiFi+ issue 217 (April 2023) of our new CAD USB II-R Cable! "the USB II-R is now the cable that can preserve the most authentic account of the music so far, acting almost like an analogue conduit from PC to DAC. Against any known contender, this winner takes them all" Click to access the full review!

Roy Gregory reviews the new GC1.1

The CAD GC1.1, the 2022 update of the CAD GC1

"If the GC1 was indispensable, the 1.1 more than fills its shoes. Try it: once you hook it up, I doubt very much you’ll want to remove it.." - Roy Gregory

Stereophile awards Product of the Year award to the CAD Ground Controls

Stereophile Magazine award for the Product of the Year

“Now that I’ve lived with the CAD Ground Controls for another couple of months, I can render my verdict : I can’t live without it. After listening for weeks, I pulled it out of my system, listened for a few minutes, put it all back immediately, then wrote a check” – Michael Fremer, Analog Corner, Stereophile September 2020

The Audio Beat Ground Control Review

The AudioBeat Magazine Logo

"The CAD Ground Control units are demonstrably effective, neat and easy to work with..... I consider them indispensable" - Roy Gregory

CAD awarded “Best Sound” for the 2017 Indulgence Show in London

CAD has been awarded “Best Sound” for the 2017 Indulgence Show in London by The Speaker Shack:

Fidelity Online Awards CAD “Best of Show” at 2017 Hamburg Audio Show

  CAD is proud to have been awarded the “Best of Show” at the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage 2017

HiFi+ Magazine Article on CAD Ground Control

"In broad musical terms, the performance gains presence and immediacy, emotional and dramatic impact. It sounds more like people and they sound like better musicians. Which is all pretty impressive stuff. But it gets better…"

Read the Hi-Fi+ Review of the CAD 1543 MKII DAC right here:

Hi-Fi+ Review of the CAD 1543 MKII DAC

“Best Sounding Hi-Fi Room” Award At The 2013 Bristol Sound And Vision Show!

The CAD 1543 DAC

Computer Audio Design is happy to announce that we have won the “Best Sounding Hi-Fi Room” award at the 2013 Bristol Sound and Vision Show! Best Sound of the Show

“Blowing Everything Else Out Of The Water!”

This handmade connector transformed the 1543 from being extremely good to blowing everything else out of the water. The change from the best USB cable I have found to date was nothing short of staggering. Read the rest of the review here

Hi-Fi Choice on the CAD 1543

Take a look at the July issue of Hi-Fi Choice.  Nice article about the CAD 1543 DAC on page 83!