‘The best hi-fi of 2023’ is a collection of products that audiophile webzine The Ear’s reviewers consider to be the very finest they’ve enjoyed over the year. Among them is Computer Audio Design’s (CAD) GC 1.1 Ground Control unit, “an essential audition for anyone with a half-decent system”. But, buyer beware: once you’ve heard how your system sounds without the detrimental effects of high-frequency noise, there may be no going back!

“If ever there was a product I did not know I needed in my system until I tried it, then this is it,” writes reviewer Chris Baillie. “The GC 1.1 is perfectly formed to fit next to the average-sized component on the average rack, yet allows your system to deliver a performance that is far from average.”

Chris Baillie, The Ear

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Best hi-fi of 2023