Our Story

Computer Audio Design is an award-winning high-end audio company that is dedicated to achieving the finest sound quality from computer audio sources.

Founded in 2011 by Scott Berry, CAD grew out of a life-long passion for music. Scott’s ‘outside the box’ approach has led to some very interesting innovations indeed, all aimed at developing the finest computer audio components.

CAD is one of just a handful of digital audio companies offering resistor-ladder DAC technology, which along with no oversampling and no filtering offers a distinctively different sound than most digital audio products on the market today. 

A non-fatiguing sound that we feel is tangibly closer to the original musical performance.

Meet Scott

Scott Berry is a British-based US-born electrical engineer, who has worked for some of the biggest names in the electronics world… but none of them in Audio. Unencumbered by received wisdom, Scott’s ethos is that to produce the very best audio reproduction you have to remove all possible reasons for signal distortion, variance or signal interference. A simple strategy delivered with fanatical and single-minded application.

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