Our Philosophy

Like many in the home audio industry, Scott Berry is here because of his lifelong passion for music combined with his engineering skill……and maybe a bit of luck!

Like many others, Scott started his interest in HiFi as a customer.

And then, his CD player started malfunctioning.

Most people at this point would go out and buy a new one. But when certain electrical engineers have equipment that stops working, just buying a new one is too simple.  They start to try to make their own.  At this point, Scott was very interested in using a computer for music play back and Scott said:  I can make this sound a lot better.

Than in 2013, the CAD 1543 DAC made its debut at the UK largest Audio Show, the Bristol HiFi Show and won “Best Sound of the Show”.  This was awarded by the UK Clarity Alliance which is the UK audio manufacturers and dealers’ organization.  Clarity Alliance members visit all the rooms at the Show and then as a group decide which room win this coveted award.  This was a good start for CAD!

Scott seeks to get the best possible sound out of a computer…… and in searching for alternative solutions, some things have become clear, which now form the philosophy of Computer Audio Design products.

  • Measurements are important, but all CAD components are all designed with extensive listening.
  • Electronic simplicity will most often produce a more pleasing sound quality than a complex design.  A simple solution will typically take much longer to design, but will sound better.
  • CAD does not “chase the numbers” in terms of higher resolution or frequency. In our view a “high number” does not necessarily mean better.
  • High frequency noise (RFI / EMI) negatively affects sound, and we believe is one of the key issues as to why digital does not sound like high quality analogue playback.
  • Ground noise matters as well as signal and power noise. This is starting to become more accepted, but all CAD products have used technologies to reduce Ground noise. This is why we developed the CAD Ground Control.
  • Always keep an open mind and always trust your ears.

We don’t try to make too many products or do things we don’t understand – and we try to work with all our manufacturing partners to create synergy and harmony for our customers.