The Complete Line of CAD Products

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    CAD USB Cables

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  • Ethernet Control



“Virtual reality is unlikely to get any more ‘real’ than this” was the conclusion HiFi+ came to in their review of our MkII DAC launched in Spring of 2016.


The CAT is our highly advanced source component. It has been carefully designed to combine exceptional sound quality with ease of use. The CAD CAT provides a high-quality one-box solution for your digital music library, integrating CD ripping, music storage with streaming and playback. Each CAT is built by hand to order and can be tailored to suit your home music set-up: either as a stand-alone two-channel system, or for integration into home networks.

Ground Controls

Over the past 10+ years the amount of high frequency noise on our Mains power has increased dramatically due to the use of computers, routers, modems, wifi, switch mode power supplies, etc. The high frequency noise that is generated within our audio systems has also increased: DACs, Servers, Computers, NAS drives, Routers, WiFi, etc. are all connected directly to our audio systems.