CADs 14 years of experience with our award winning 1543 DAC, CAD Audio Transport, USB Cables, USB Control and Ground Control products along with our comprehensive knowledge of computer based audio has been used in the development of the Ethernet Control.

The CAD Ethernet Control is designed to reduce unwanted high frequency noise on the Ethernet Network connection in audio and video equipment and will work with both streaming services (Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, etc.) and locally stored music files.

The CAD Ethernet Control employs proprietary CAD Noise Reduction technology used in our successful award winning Ground and USB Control products.  The CAD Ethernet Control reduces high frequency noise on the differential Ethernet signals, and it also reduces noise on the Signal Ground and the Ethernet Interface of your networked audio device. It can be used with audio source components such as servers, computers, streamers and DACs, but also with amplifiers and other analogue components with RJ45 connections for service, control or configuration.

CAD recommends placing the CAD Ethernet Control at the final termination of the Ethernet cable as it enters your audio system; in our testing this typically gives the very best results.  However, the CAD Ethernet Control can also be located at multiple connections on the network to give further improvement. For example, try a second Ethernet Control on the input or output of a Network Switch, router and/or Server/Computer.

The technology of the CAD Ethernet Control employs proprietary CAD Transformers offering Galvanic Isolation along with greater reduction of noise over a larger frequency spectrum than standard Ethernet Transformers. The directly connected custom ultra-thick gold-plated RJ45 plug was selected over a cable connection to minimize impedance between the Server/Computer or DAC/Streamer and the noise reduction technology inside the Ethernet Control.

The non-conductive acrylic case is hand-made in the UK and designed to offer an attractive compact enclosure with vibration dampening.

The CAD Ethernet Control contains no connection cable, and no extra Ethernet Cable is required:  just plug your network Ethernet Cable into the RJ45 socket of the Ethernet Control and then insert the Ethernet Control RJ45 plug into your Server/Computer or DAC/Streamer.

CAD has felt that locally stored digital music files offered a sound quality superior to internet streaming (Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, etc.).  In our opinion, the Ethernet Control improves the sound quality of internet streaming services to a level that the difference is practically indiscernible.

The Ethernet Control is hand assembled & individually tested in the UK.