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Update December 2015 – CAD is now offering an even higher grade USB Cable.  Please contact CAD directly.

There are now three online reviews of the CAD Cable:

Mono & Stereo

HiFi Pig

The Pro Audio Web Blog

 The CAD Cable is optimised specifically for audio use in conjunction with a USB Digital to Analogue Converter.

Here are some comments from Jason Kennedy’s Blog, The Ear about an early prototype of the CAD Cable:   The Ear

The CAD Cable will be sold by our dealers and if no dealers are near you directly by CAD.

The CAD Cable is now available for £540 plus £15 standard delivery to anywhere in the world.

The CAD Cable comes with a 30 days guarantee – if up to 30 days from purchase you decide that the USB cable is not right for you, for any reason, return the cable to us and we will give you a refund of £540.