CAD USB Filter


The CAD Audio USB Cables are optimised specifically for audio use in conjunction with a USB Digital to Analogue Converter.

CAD USB Filter

The new CAD USB Filter replaces the USB I cable. The Filter employs the same patented filter technology, developed in-house by Scott Berry, as used in the new USB II-R cable.

Digital audio source components – from servers to streamers, CD transports to laptops, are real noise polluters in an audio system. Their CPUs, chipsets, switch mode power supplies, regulators and the like produce considerably more high frequency ‘noise’ than any analogue component. To stop this unwanted noise from degrading your system’s overall performance, you need to tackle it before it reaches the analogue stage.

The CAD USB filter is designed to filter out this noise from digital music sources before that noise can reach the digital to analogue converter (DAC).

The CAD USB Filter simply plugs directly into a DAC/Streamer USB audio input and can be used with any USB cable.

The USB Filter is a B end filter: with one female and one male B-type connector. This places the filter as close as possible to the DAC/Streamer.

The CAD USB Filter delivers similar characteristics as the CAD USB II-R cable, offering more clarity across all frequencies, larger soundstage with greater speed, and improved timing and rhythm.

“ …it also added dynamic impact which surprised me, it must be that the noise floor is pushed down so that there’s wider dynamic range, but whatever it does, it works. I loved the way that the snap of the snare and the vibrance of all the instruments was enhanced without upsetting the tonal balance.

The CAD USB Filter doesn’t make other USB cables sound like the USB II-R but it brings some of the qualities found with that cable to them. It proved beneficial even with very good cables, enhancing timing, focus and the sense of substance behind the notes mentioned above.

It clearly does a great job of stopping the noise and letting more of the signal get through to the DAC.” 

The EAR,  Jason Kennedy, June 13, 2023