CAD USB Control


The CAD Audio USB Cables are optimised specifically for audio use in conjunction with a USB Digital to Analogue Converter.

CAD USB Control

The new CAD USB Control design resulted from our research and development of the CAD Ground Controls, 1543 MKII DAC and the many USB cables we have produced over the last 10 years.

In our experience, reducing unwanted high frequency noise in audio systems significantly improves sound quality.

The frequency of noise varies in every audio system and in each domestic environment – and even the time of day – on mains power. The USB Control reduces this unwanted high frequency energy across an extremely broad frequency spectrum, from high KHz up into the GHz range.

The CAD USB Control is optimized specifically to reduce high frequency noise in USB connections.

The USB Control is a small thumb-sized device that can be inserted into any available USB socket – including software update ports – on components in your audio system.

Music servers, routers, network switches, digital interfaces, etc. can all benefit from a reduction in high frequency noise. Typically, the USB control will deliver enhanced clarity, larger soundstage, and improved timing/rhythm in any music system. 

The USB Control is easy to use!  Connect to any USB A port in your audio system.  Best to start with a component that generates the most high frequency noise like a computer based streamer.   But try the USB Control in all other USB A ports that you have.  It is NOT necessary to power down your component when you insert or remove the USB Control. 

“This thing is kryptonite for the spurious noise generated by USB circuitry”

“It’s not just the notes that
were more clearly placed. The instrumental spread was more clearly defined, with each instrument both more solid and more stable”

“the USB Control brought a
sense of, order and purpose to the playing, body and a richer harmonic complexity to the instrument…”

“most importantly of all, it brought
a new sense of grace and fluidity to the all-important phrasing of the piece…”

“inserting the USB Control into the L1’s
firmware port wrought what can only be described as a transformation in terms of immediacy, presence…”

 Roy Gregory,  Gy8

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