The Audio Beat GC1 & GC3 Ground Control Review

“I consider them indispensable”




Hi-Fi+ GC1 & GC3 Ground Control Feature Article

“In broad musical terms, the performance gains presence and immediacy, emotional and dramatic impact. It sounds more like people and they sound like better musicians. Which is all pretty impressive stuff. But it gets better…”

The Audiophile Man 1543 DAC Review

"In terms of digital sound it is a true game changer and, thus, I have no other option than to give it the best award on the shelf a [gulp] Golden Groovy. Only the second gold award that I have ever awarded. Yes, it’s that good."

Hi-Fi+ 1543 MKII DAC Review

“The CAD 1543 MKII makes the vast majority of digital audio products sound crude, even those at higher prices with their fancy metalwork, and myriad input options. By focussing on one job, this DAC is the most transparent, natural, and well timed I have heard.”

Hi-Fi+ CAD Audio Transport Review

   “the CAT has a degree of poise that is very rare in any form of audio source. It combines precision with naturalness of timbre and tone that makes acoustic sounds so real it’s uncanny.”

The Ear CAD GC1 Ground Control Review

   “In this situation it increased low level resolution and made the quieter elements in the music easier to appreciate, it also improved timing…. This time notes gained depth and solidity, and timing did what I wanted it to do; got more coherent.”

Mono & Stereo USB Cable Review

“In my view exceptional audio components are those that inspire us to explore the unknown musical worlds and direct us away from the sound dissecting behavior. The CAD USB cable is absolutely one of them and carries my highest recommendation.


Pro Audio Blog 1543 DAC Review


  the CAD 1543 is an articulate beast that built from the heart. Brimming with passion and love from a mastermind maker, I cannot think of any stone that has been left unturned. This is a magnificent machine”

HiFi Pig USB Cable Review

“Recommended for abundant amounts of detail, top end control and excellent balance, making it one of the very best USB cables on the market.”