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Munich 2015

CAD will be exhibiting at the Munich High End Show this year!  We will be in Atrium 4, 2nd floor, room F215.

29/1/2015 – Another incredible review of the CAD USB Cable!  Mono & Stereo

Read about CAD in the 6Moons report by Srajan Ebaen on The Audio Show held in Warsaw, Poland on the 8th/9th of November.  Here Srajan talks about his seven favourite rooms at the show:

6Moons feature on the Poland Audio Show

The first review of the new CAD Audio Transport (CAT) is out!  September issue of Hi-Fi+ Magazine:

“the CAT has a degree of poise that is very rare in any form of audio source.  It combines precision with naturalness of timbre and tone that makes acoustic sounds so real it’s uncanny”

Read the full HiFi+ review of the CAT here:  HiFi+ Cat Review

The CAD Cable is also getting fantastic reviews!

HiFi Pig

The Pro Audio Web Blog

The CAD Cable can be purchased from all of our dealers and if the cable is not available in your area directly from CAD:  Purchase CAD Cable

The new CAD CAT

The new CAD CAT

 The first German review of the 1543 DAC:  EINSNULL

Hi Fi Pig Behind the Brands interview!  Hi Fi Pig Magazine             

Read the review from the Pro Audio Web Blog, where the 1543 DAC won the Editors Choice Award!  “One of, if not, the best DAC’s in the world”      Pro Audio Web Blog

Editors Choice AwardOutstanding Badge - 1

Meet Your Maker interview with Computer Audio Design in HiFi+:

HiFi+ Interview

Computer Audio Design is also proud to announce that we have won the “Best Sounding Hi-Fi Room” award at the 2013 Bristol Sound and Vision Show.

CAD 1543 DAC Best at Show

Computer Audio Design is a new company located in the UK.  We manufacture high quality Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs) for use with computers, Audio Transports and Audio USB Cables.

Our goal was to produce a computer based DAC that gives a musical experience beyond the finest CD players on the market.  The CAD 1543 DAC is designed for one thing:  To achieve a more natural, realistic flow to music similar to the best turntables along with the clarity, focus and detail that is possible with digital.

Our new CAD Audio Transport (CAT) now lifts the sound quality to another level and is a “plug & play” device.  No computer setup necessary!  Get the very best of computer audio with no computer setup required.

The new CAD USB Cable is guaranteed to improve the sound quality of your system or your money back!

The engineer responsible for the design of all CAD products is Scott Berry.  Scott is an electrical engineer who worked for many years in R&D and manufacturing for Tektronix and Xerox on the West Coast of the USA.  Scott’s experience was in electrical engineering R&D work in high technology industries, but not in the audio sector. However, Scott has always made his own audio equipment and concentrated on DACs because “I have always been a vinyl junkie and I just did not like the sound from digital sources

Scott believes the future of audio will be computer based, and that is how Computer Audio Design started.  “Not really having a history in audio development meant that the 1543 DAC  took an original approach – different materials and ideas which I feel give different results.”

The 1543 DAC has been Scott’s passion for many years, and each unit is handmade using only the highest quality parts custom built to Scott’s specifications.  Ninety percent of the parts in the 1543 DAC are manufactured in the UK by UK companies.

We encourage you to stop in for a listen at one of our dealers.  It will be unlike anything you have heard before.

CAD is looking for distributors – if you are interested in hearing the CAD products please give us a call!